Newport Chess Club



Founded 1855


Constitution, Code of Ethics, Club Rules

Article. 1.  Name

  1. The name of the club to be called the Newport and County Chess Club

Article. 11.  Purpose

  1.  The Newport and County Chess Club is organised to provide its members with

      Accommodation and equipment for playing chess, and to encourage internal

      Competitions, and to compete in external competitions, organised by the Welsh

      Chess Union,   Gwent Chess Association,  the Newport and District League.


Code of ethics

  1. Smoking is not permitted on the club premises.
  2. Gambling is not permitted on the club premises.
  3. Obscene and profane language, must not be used on the club premises.
  4. Alcohol must not be consumed in the company of children less than sixteen years of age.
  5. A committee member to be available for supervising juniors.
  6. Junior members under 12 years of age, to be accompanied by a guardian.
  7. Junior members entering the club Premises, must be given priority for training, and the development of their game.


Club rules

  1. The Newport and County Chess Club shall henceforth be known as the club.


  1. The club shall consist of a President, Vice-presidents, Honorary Vice-Presidents, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Match Captain(s), Tournament Secretary, Librarian, Webmaster, Full members, and Junior  members.
  2. The President shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting, and will represent the club at official levels, together with presiding at the Annual General Meeting, and any Special General Meeting convened in accordance with these rules.
  3. Honorary Vice-Presidents must be elected at the Annual General Meeting, and shall be invited members, or former members of the club, whom the committee wish to honour for their past services to the club, and for their continuing loyalty to the club.
  4. Adult membership will commence on 1st September, upon reaching 18 years of age.  Junior members will pay one third of the annual adult subscription
  5. The club to hold an Annual General Meeting, at the beginning of September.
  6. All officers to stand down at the Annual General Meeting, making themselves available for re-election, unless it is their wish to retire.
  7. The secretary shall keep a minute book, with a verbatim record of all club meetings; the minute book to be made available for club members to inspect, upon giving notice to the secretary.
  8. The secretary to place an open guest book near the club entrance.  Guests to give their name, address, e-mail and telephone numbers.  Guest junior members to give their date of birth, if under eighteen years of age.
  9. A General Purposes Committee meeting to be held mid-season, to discuss any matters arising.  The committee should have a minimum quorum of three members.
  10. The full membership subscription, and junior membership subscription shall be decided each year at the Annual general meeting, and shall become payable from 1st. September, of that year.  New members to pay a pro-rata subscription.
  11. Upon reaching sixty-five years of age on the 1st. September, a member will pay two thirds of the full membership subscription.   Treasurer to set the subscription rate for un-employed members.
  12. The club committee has the right to refuse membership, when it is considered that such action is in the best interests of the club.
  13. The entire management of the club shall be deputized to the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Match captain(s), Tournament secretary and Webmaster.  The quorum for a full Meeting, shall be five members, reducing to three members for a general purposes meeting.
  14. In the event of a vacancy on the committee, the committee shall have power to co-opt any member of the club, to fill that vacancy.
  15. The committee shall meet as necessary to examine accounts, and arrange the affairs of the club.  Notice of such meetings shall be sent to the committee members, seven days prior to the appointed date of the meeting.
  16. The committee shall have full power to refuse or terminate membership in any case considered to be in the best interests of the club.  A member who wishes to appeal against termination of his membership, shall have a right to attend and present his case to the club committee, and may produce witnesses to support his appeal.
  17. The clubs Financial Year shall be from 1st.September, to 31st. August of the following year.
  18. The Treasurer shall prepare an income and expenditure account, and a balance sheet annually.  These statements must be made available to members at the Annual general meeting.
  19. The Treasurer to keep an Inventory Book.  An annual inventory of the  equipment, and stationery, to be recorded.  The inventory book to list and record all permanent Club Trophies and the annual recipients.
  20. An Auditor to be appointed at the annual general meeting, where the annual club revenue exceeds fifteen hundred pounds.
  21. The committee to appoint a club Librarian.  The Librarian to keep a catalogue of all books in the library. The librarian to keep a precise record of all books on loan.  Junior members to use the chess books for reference only.
  22. Agenda for the Annual General Meeting to include:
    1. Presidential address
    2.Chairman’s opening address
    3.Apologies for absence
    4. Minutes for previous Annual General Meeting to be Read.
    5. Matters arising
    6. The Secretary’s Report
    7. Matter’s Arising
    8. The Treasurers report
    9 Matters arising
    10. The Match Captain(s) Report
    11. The Tournament Secretary’s Report.
    12. President to present the President’s Cup, and the Club Player of the Year Trophy
    13. Election of Officers
    14. Any Other Business
    15. Vote of Thanks
    16. Chairman to Close Meeting.
  1. On a written application signed by not less than five members, or at the request of the club committee, a Special General Meeting must be called by the secretary within six weeks. The notice of the Special General Meeting shall state the business to be discussed.  No other business will be discussed at that Special General Meeting.
  2. All Motions at club Committee Meetings, Annual General Meetings, and Special General Meetings shall be carried (except as otherwise provided for in the rules) on a majority vote.  The Presiding Chairman having the right of an additional casting vote.  Amendments to the club rules must have a two-thirds majority in favour, for the amendments to be carried.  Junior members under twelve years of age on 1st. September, shall not have the right to vote at an Annual General Meeting, or Special General Meeting.