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Newport and County Chess Club

The class of 1935 
By Gordon Cadden, Club President - copyright reserved

This was the first year since our club was Constituted at the beginning of 1855, for which we have a full list of members. The club venue was the Great Western Railway Restaurant Lounge, at Newport Station. The Honorary Secretary and Treasurer was James Francis Walter Greenleaf, of “Montana”, Risca Road, Newport.

I have included Titles, full names, occupation, and honours, where known.

F.A. Aycliffe C. John P.C. Roberts
H.W. Bevan (Stamper) J. Francis Jupp, M.I.C.E. Arthur Rowland
Herbert J. Bussell (Railway Surveyor) Arthur H. Langford E.N. Rowland
W. Charles F. Herbert Lewes H.I. Smith
Sir Reginald George Clarry, M.P. W. Llewellyn S.I.R. Smith
George Frances Colborne (Solicitor) H. Mark George Stow
Miss V.M. Davis M. Morgan A.J. Shepherd
D.T. Edwards H.A. Oberholzer (P.T. Instructor) T.R. Steer
G.W.I. Greenish W.P.R. Peters R.W. Tallis
J.W.F. Greenleaf (Railway Surveyor) Ivor Llewellyn Phillips, O.B.E. A. Tennyson-Evans
A. Holman H.J. Porter (Civil Servant) Dr Charles Stuart Vines, B.Sc.,J.P.
Mrs. Mary Mills Houlding William H. Powell (Superintendent) E.B. Williams
Ken P. Hughes ( Electrical Retailer ) E.I. Reed F.C. John (Public Assistance Officer)
J.D. Reynolds    

Up until the Second World War, club membership was restricted to sixty members at the old Town Hall, and forty members at other venues.

George Frances Colborne was the most senior member. He played in the first friendly match against the Cardiff and County Club, at the Angel Hotel, on Saturday the 25th October, 1884: a double round match over ten boards. Colborne was on board five against G.H. Down. He won both his games. Cardiff won the match by 11 – 9. The South Wales Chess Association was not founded until 3rd November, 1888. In 1945, the club reconvened at the Kings Head Hotel, and Colborne attended. It was his last year. He was a member of our club for at least sixty-one years.

I knew W.P.R. Peters very well, and played many friendly games with him. He was the manager of the Wimpy bar in town.

Ivor Phillips was another member that I knew well.

K.P. Hughes was the Electrical Retailer in Clarence Place. I played many games with his son, also named Ken Hughes, who was my match captain when I played for Newport Knights in the late 1950’s. Ken only retired in 2008. Running the business made it difficult for him to play OTB chess after his father died, but he played correspondence chess all his life.

A few comments on other members:

Sir George Reginald Clarry was the last chess playing member of the gentry at our club. Lord Tredegar and Sir Henry Mather-Jackson C.B.E. were Patrons, but did not play serious competitive chess.

Herbert J. Bussell would have been a colleague of J.W.F. Greenleaf, based at the GWR Administrative Offices in Devon Place.

Mrs Mary Mills Houlding was the former British Ladies Champion, and would have been in her 85th year.

Dr Charles Stuart Vines wrote the death certificate for Mrs Mary Houlding. They both lived in York Place. He played on a high board for the Newport team.

To celebrate our eighty year link with the class of 1935, I will publish a game that I played against Harry Pugh, of the Tredegar Working Men’s Institute. Harry was the first County champion in 1937, and won again in 1938, 1946, 1949, 1952, 1953, and tied for first place with G.P. Moore in 1954. I was a Knight and a pawn up against Harry, but was relieved when he offered a draw, because my King-side defences were about to be breached.

Let us raise our glasses to the members of 1935, who passed the baton on to future generations; they were every bit as proud of our club's long history as we are today!

Newport and District League 
Away match 
Noral v. Newport Bishops 
28th December, 1960 
Board 1 
H. Pugh - G.V. Cadden

1. e4 c5 10. Qd3 Ne7 20. Qg3 Bb7
2. Nf3 Nc6 11. f4 0-0 21. f5 ef
3. Nc3 e6 12. a4 d5 22. gf Kh8
4. Bc4 a6 13. Bb3 Rd8 23. Bg5 h6
5. d4 cd 14. e5 Nf5 24. Bd2 Rg8
6. Nd4 Bb4 15. g4 Qb6+ 25. Kh2 c4
7. Nc6 bc 16. Rf2 Ne7 26. Ba2 Bc8
8. 0-0 Bc3 17. a5 Qa7 27. Raf1 Qa5
9. bc Qa5 18. h4 Qc7 28. Qe3 Qa2
      19. Bd2 c5 29. f6 draw offered and agreed.